Radio Help

How to listen to us

There's several way to listen to fullvibes techno radio.
It depends of your computer but in most case you first need an ADSL connection and a stream player.

You can find examples of stream players in our dedicated pages for windows, mac and linux system as well as some java and flash players.

Once you're well equipped, choose one of the "Listen to us" buttons on the right navigation bar and depending of your system and player choose your favorite format between ogg and mp3.

  • OGG 128K : Icecast 128k direct ogg mountpoint.
  • OGG M3U 128K : Icecast 128k mountpoint through a playlist M3U file.
  • MP3 128K : Shoutcast mp3 128k classical way of connection.
  • Windows Media : Shoutcast mp3 128k through an ASX playlist file.

OGG/Vorbis is the best quality and most used format under linux and can easily being played with winamp and VLC under windows but in the case you get problem to connect to us with a player, choose MP3 format which is a lower bass quality format but works as well.

To listen to us under windows with Media Player you can use the Media Player button which links to an ASX file, to do so, click the link from InternetExplorer and with chance Media Player should open and play, if not get your classical media player menu bar and go to File>>Open URL and copy the following link in the opened box.

Under Mac systems which do not include OGG format by default prefer VLC or use the MP3 format that should play well with iTunes and other Mac players.

How to play for us

There's two way to play or being played on fullvibes techno radio:

You can send us your music and be part of the common playlist, to do so, contact us through the contact form and wait for DJ Josy to contact and explain you the way to send us files, but remember that the response can be long to come as we have loads of requests.

You can stream live from your home or studio directly to the FullVibes Radio as we regularly do from our TransmissionLab at the Caes or with Audiotrix and some others.
To do so, same way, same feeling, contact us through the contact form and wait for us to contact and explain you the way.
It actually depends of how we appreciate your music and how much space and time we've got but remember that the response can be long or not coming at all as we have loads of requests.

How to book a DJ

Most of the DJs are always looking for somewhere to play, some of them have got a myspace but if you are interrested in booking one of the DJs or Artists that appear on our playlist or LiveStream and don't know how to join them you can send us your requests through the contact form and we'll forward it to them immediately|.