Friends of the day, friends forever, Radio FullVibes needs you !!!

Since 2004 FullVibes Radio broadcasts all musics from the Electronics Underground, to the delight of its audience, relying on an international network of independent artists,growing day by day. Freely available in several languages​​, Radio FullVibes works 24h/24 and 7/7 thanks to the dedicated volunteer work of its creators.

We are now settling in new facilities, a new alternative space in Paris area, the Soft, former television studios, where we now have a beautiful studio that we are able to arrange to receive in a warm environment many international artists passing through Paris, who may perform on our radio, as well as friends and listeners who have supported us for years - that is you ! With these developments, a few privilegied listeners can now attend every live show with us and our guests! We are looking forward to see you in this new surrouding. To finance these developments and to continue to cover the operation costs of the radio, we now call on you to renew your membership in the association, or to make a donation (any contribution is welcome) in cash or equipment; do not hesitate to contact us.

Since our departure from the CAES , an alternative cultural mecca , the largest squat in France , shelter to the homeless artists which closed its doors late December 2009 , we had not found a place that could accommodate us , and the dispersion of people caused difficulties in doing things together. But times have changed since your favorite radio has now found the ideal place to start again its activities in an alternative and positive vibe and surrounded by many other artists, performers, streetart artists, musicians, craftsmen we propose you to discover over live broadcasts that will be devoted to them. The 6terZone will also continue their live broadcasts from our new studios with the chatroom operating during the shows to chat live with the artists and listeners.

If you want to become a member of our association or make a donation, go to the Donation page. You will find there all necessary explanations to send your contributions.


You are a Label, an Artist, a Band, do not hesitate to send us your works, records, Cds.
After selection, Josy and her team ensure, as far as available time and space, the diffusion of the selected recordings.


Radio Full Vibes site is hosted on the servers of the Company Ovh which practices ecology on an industrial level and disposes of the technologies to save up about 30% on the power used by their datacentres!!
On the other hand, we mostly use for our sites black or dark backgrounds which allow a lower power consumption on the web which unfortunately actively participate to the Global warming.
It became evident that an ecologic conscience is necessary to protect our planet and we try to contribute as much as we can to add our stone to the building.


Radio Full Vibes keeps for 2010 special relationships with Atelier Arcane (Sérigraphy T-Shirts, Design, Graphix), for various collaborations like backdrops creation for parties, stickers, website design, T-shirt or exclusive merchandise...


The voluntary participation of the different actors allows the long-term viability of Radio Full Vibes project.
The website was written entirely by Vincent, the actual President and founder of our association. If you are interested by a website creation, do not hesitate to call for his competences and contact us for more details.
Graphix of the site were entirely made by Byoan, young Parisian designer student.
Josy and Maya 45 take care of the site, answer the emails, listen and encode the music sent, write the articles, set up the playlists, etc....


You will find here all the ways you can help us by suscribing to our Association or making Donation.


You would like to receive some Radio Full Vibes stickers ?
Send us a stamped envelope 300g to our address and we will send you by return. We do make T-Shirts by our partners Atelier Arcane, they will be available against payment by check payable to "Association Union Technologique".

Feel free to advertise this music broadcast network around the world.

And stay connected for guaranteed sound surprises!